Monday Meme – Vancouver Lights (Response)

Vancouver city lights
Shining so bright
All through the night
To my heart’s delight
As I look from this height
Oh what a sight
Emotions take flight
And soar like a kite
With the wind just right
I forget my plight
And feel no fright
This moment just right
This moment I write.


my response to Shawn’s Monday Meme photo prompt over at

6 thoughts on “Monday Meme – Vancouver Lights (Response)

      • You’ll have to tell me about how you go about rhyming research? I have the alphabet written in the front of my notepad for when I’m looking for rhymes I can’t instantly find (though in my case if the words don’t fall fully formed then they never seem to sit quite right amongst the rest?)


        • I google “rhyming dictionary” and select one of the regulars that pop up first. Use the website to jog my memory on words that rhyme with… maybe jot a few down if I need to, then get back to writing!
          I mostly write on my ipad or phone (using a bluetooth keyboard for the phone) so websites are only a click away.
          Technology to the rescue.


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