Suburban Sunday Morning

I hear bees in the trees
Outside crouching on my knees
watching bunnies bounce with ease
Through the grasses as they please

Pigeons cooing from the trees
Staying warm my covered knees
Neighbours parrots squawk with ease
Children’s breakfast “Mummy please?”

Photograph taken 17 November 2013.


9 thoughts on “Suburban Sunday Morning

  1. This is great. I’m normally turned off by rhyming poetry because it’s usually done so badly; so forced. By the symmetry and rhythm in this poem is brilliant, and paints a delightful picture.


    • Thankyou Giorge, it’s nice to know this impressed you! I certainly enjoyed the fact that it rolls along with a great pace. My musical background keeps me stricter with rhythm and meter, although I am now enjoying being a little looser with those sometimes. If you liked this, maybe check out PookyH’s poetry – it always puts a fun smile on my face.


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