My Ten

Was toying with this idea in my head then received a FB prompt from my cousin, so for your education I present:

Ten things you probably don’t know about me:

1. Whenever anything repetitive is happening I automatically start counting along in my head, often unconsciously.

2. For over 10 years my diet has been free of gluten, chemical additives, red & white meat.

3. My diet has changed dramatically recently. After a year of medical issues, I can no longer tolerate much sugar without triggering severe stomach problems. And I avoid most processed food products in favour of freshly prepared whole foods.

4. During early primary school years I used to wake up before sunrise and turn on the tv to watch “Thunderbirds” or “Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot” alone in the lounge room.

5. My earliest memories are of when I was in hospital for an operation on an ulcerated eye, aged one and a half years.

6. I had an out-of-body experience during this time in hospital.

7. The first song I remember is “The Pushbike Song” which was playing in the hospital children’s ward when I woke up after the surgery.

8. I also have many memories of when our family lived in Papua New Guinea for a period of six months, aged just under four.

9. During primary school years I could look at the sun position in the sky and tell the time to within 5-10 minutes of a watch reading. (I think my internal clock and sense of timing was very good).

10. My age is quite a bit older than most people think when they meet me.



14 thoughts on “My Ten

  1. WP wouldnt let me leave comments!!!!!!!!! Grrrr it’s frustrating. Trying for the third time, if this won’t go through, I’m officially giving up, haha.
    Your brain and mind and memory is very impressive, by the way πŸ˜‰


  2. Being familiar with the Sun is a good thing to know, and also fun when other people are completely oblivious of such an obvious thing. They think you’re sooo smart and observant. I mean it’s the Sun dude! You know the biggest thing within I don’t know 700 billion light years, it’s right there, everyday. As a matter of fact it what makes a day, a day. hahaha. In my part of the world Orion comes out in winter and goes east to west in the southern sky,


  3. Oooh I loved learning a bit more about you Peter!

    I can’t believe you have memories from age 1 and a half. That’s mad.

    I’m intrigued to know how old you are now? I got mistaken for my god daughter’s grandmother the other day so either the Canon at the Cathedral was half blind or blind drunk or I look rather more senior than my 31 years (probably a mixture of the two!)


    • You may have been having a “mature” day Pooky, we all do sometimes πŸ˜‰

      What you seek is the ultimate answer to life the universe and everything, then advance a triolet. So I figure I’m just over halfway through my journey.


  4. Wow. Are you pale? Do you find it difficult to stand? hee hee. I, too, once gave up meat (because of my fondness for animals, not for diet purposes. I lived in the hills and found it difficult to eat the very same beings that were in the field next door) but now am a hardened meat eater. I don’t actually eat enough of it, really, because I’m low on iron.

    Can’t abide the Thunderbirds – actually still have nightmares about them to this day. Seems to me that we might be around the same age…

    Good to know a bit more about you!


    • Hey Giorge, unlike you I love the sun so my skin is reasonably coloured πŸ˜‰ Actually I would spend more time in the sun but skin cancer caution says otherwise. I eat eggs and fish and a good selection of green veg which I hope keeps my vitamin & mineral levels in a good place. Actually I do enjoy occaisonal lamb now, it depends on what my body tells me I need.

      My Ms.Pac still cannot watch Dr.Who as her sister used to frighten her when she watched it as a child. So I can understand if you have an aversion to Thunderbirds – there can be something a little creepy about the way the characters move…

      We may be of similar years, although I still end up older than most people within my regular circles. There is now more information you seek on this page. Let me know how close your guess was, and as always, thanks for your feedback!


    • Hey Lauren, well there was a lot of pain and discomfort at such a young age. Possibly why I still fight so much (perhaps too much?) to avoid those experiences now. It’s nice to know there are others with good memories of times >40 years past. I think to balance that out, there are swathes of unclear memory from my middle years – probably affected by changes in brain condition. Thanks for taking the time to read & respond.


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