Around here…

I’ve been toying in my head the last few days, how to write about the community here, to say something to all my followers, and friends, to express my gratitude for all the support, for the appreciation of my writing, for the thought provoking words that inspire each other and ignite new fires of imagination. And this little response came to me after reading some of thenaughtypoet (credit due for the spark).

So keep it up! Keep writing your own honest truth! Say what you think, and share it. Write, sing, paint, draw – whatever your heart wants to do. Pour it out for us to see. Package those emotions up into a blog entry, then set them free, and let them be, Don’t hold them tight, release them because they belong to us all. Because we all feel, deeply, caringly, laughingly, somberly. We are all different, yet we are really all the same.

Be kind to yourself when you feel down, and reach out when you need to. Be patient, or not. Find who you are, grow, try new things.
Comment often. Like, Vote, Encourage each other. Share!


We judge not,
But bask in the honesty
of self expression
baring the soul
for all to see
within a moment.
This is your place
We are guests,

3 thoughts on “Around here…

  1. This is perfectly formed – it manages to voice exactly how I too feel. I’m very grateful for kind folk like you who share a little bit of themselves each day and are accepting of me sharing myself too. Thank you Peter x


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