Genetic mirror

Holding a hand
that looks so the same
In structure, shape
and form as mine.
The curve of the face,
nose and eyes
For such a resemblance
there is no surprise.
Head rests on pillows
And white sheets below
Trying to sleep
While the body says no.
Unsettled and tense
Arm jerks, leg jumps
That in-between state
Where confusion dumps.

Left handed
Dominant Right
Same mannerisms
Frame now slight.
My own motivations
Become clearer
For there, opposite me
Is my Genetic Mirror.

drafted 27 October 2013 12:48am
A follow on piece to my previous hospital post


6 thoughts on “Genetic mirror

  1. This was realised one day while holding his hand watching him try to sleep. So many things I am/experience are genetically linked to my Dad. It was like watching myself lying there.
    I do appreciate your feedback.


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