Of pain and freedom

Do you avoid the pain?
Would you do almost anything, or perhaps nothing at all
to avoid the fear and the discomfort
Do you work so hard
to keep it at bay
keep it away
to enjoy a painless day
Do you judge yourself
for feeling this way?
Do you live in the pain?

Do you confront the fear

Do you sit in and experience the discomfort
unafraid of it
acknowledging it
as just experience
a way of connecting with who you are
on your way to becoming care-free
and happier?
Do you just let go
of that which hasn’t and doesn’t
make you feel good
Do you just focus
on this moment
on what you like and enjoy
Do you just step onto the path
that is where you want to be?
Who are you?

3 thoughts on “Of pain and freedom

  1. I like the questions this poem asks. For me although I don’t like the pain, I find walking into it, (I refer to it as walking into the fire) is the path to freedom. Sometimes pain pushed down, ignored, ulcerates and eats away until it can no longer be ignored. That’s not to say we don’t all need times of respite.


  2. I agree with your sentiments on ignoring pain, and that we do sometimes need a break.
    This piece grew from my personal experiences this year, combined with reading about how someone I admire copes with an auto-immune disease, and another’s optimistic opinion about just walking the path you wish to experience.
    My opinion is that we have to find the path that works for us individually, and sometimes that path may change throughout our journey.
    Thankyou for sharing Tricia.


  3. The first line is what called to me. I wouldn’t say that I enjoy pain, but I have been using it as a fall back, an alternative to feeling other things, so this poem really speaks to me, in all the dimensions you mentioned.. Well written, well versed.

    Cookie ~


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