Re-Vision 2 and Challenge!

[To commemorate 1 year of blogging, and because my brain needs a rest, This next week I will be reblogging some of my favourite pieces with a little explanation added.]

I don’t remember exact circumstances surrounding the creation of this piece. Obviously I was very down and I suspect there had been an unhappy talk with my partner that was not resolved satisfactorily. Writing this I was really concentrating on narrowing my focus right down on my thoughts to find the single word description for what each line was to say (and at the same time creating a focus for my emotional energy). 15 lines, 15 words. My ultimate pared down poetry. So I am very proud of this because I had never written a single word per line piece before. Have you?






The Challenge: Write a poem, as long or short as you like, on any topic or theme. Just have a go! I really would like to see what others can come up with! Each line is to contain a single word phrase. Subsequent lines may not form or be part of a normal phrase or sentence. The intent is to distill each line of your poem down to a single word. The title may contain more than a single word. Please post a link to your post in the comments here. I will add your poems below. 

6 thoughts on “Re-Vision 2 and Challenge!

  1. I think that this is one of my favourites amongst all of your poems I’ve read. I’m still struggling to understand how you’ve made those single words convey so much and so powerfully. Beautifully written though it was quite clearly a very painful time.

    Has the pacemaker been fitted now? x


    • Thanks for your feedback PH. I’m stewing on a new one, to prove that the first wasn’t a fluke, may need to get into an intense mood to generate the focal energy 😉

      My Dad now has a Medtronic MRI SureScan pacemaker. Today I watched him walk to the bathroom unassisted, slow but steady. Understandably tired today, but looking much better in the face.


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