Re-Vision 1

[To commemorate 1 year of blogging, and because my brain needs a rest, This next week I will be reblogging some of my favourite pieces with a little explanation added.]

This was inspired by a fun weekend with new friends, new experiences, and challenges to my preconceptions of others. I wish to be there again, but must settle for friendship and memories of a unique moment in my life.

Supanova sunset

Do you feel free?
Do you not see
the boundaries surrounding
that are stifling and strangling
the you that wants to be
the person who is free
to express and change and laugh out loud
ignoring noises from the crowd
unless they cheer you on
then you know the time has come
to be brave and bold and beautiful
your soul expressing bountiful
its you
completely you
nothing else is true
just you


2 thoughts on “Re-Vision 1

    • Thanks Pooky.
      I’m not managing to get enough sleep still and worrying a bit about the backlog at work, but otherwise ok. It’s good to know people are thinking of me.
      Dad’s pacemaker procedure is today, all going well he will be home in a couple of days.


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