My feeling.

[Maybe I think too much. Maybe I look for meaning, when just accepting everything as it is would be enough.]

I’m bamboozled by feelings
That tug at my heart strings
I don’t know their meanings
I don’t know what for

Some people claim loudly
While others speak proudly
Significant meanings
Of what theirs are for

Does insight come easy?
Or take time to seize thee?
Some part of these meanings
has hit you before?

For me it’s a struggle
To unravel the puzzle
Of emotional meanings
And innermost leanings
My heart goes careening
But I don’t know what for.


9 thoughts on “My feeling.

    • I was putting together this piece past midnight, well into pumpkin time. Sitting on the sofa, no light but my iPad, head bobbing down, eyelids closing involuntarily, the need to finish writing versus the call of sleep.

      What’s your strangest writing situation recently?


  1. Brilliant words Peter – I think I know how you feel with this, at least I have an inkling. I find I can interpret and understand the feelings of others far better than I can understand my own.

    Sending hugs your way xxx


    • Thankyou Pooky. I think inkling is a brilliant word 😉 I feel a similar way about understanding others better than myself, or is that just wishful thinking? Anyway maybe that’s the/a purpose of life – to help each other understand meaning. I could go with that.

      Look out for my next quick poem, I wrote it this morning before breakfast, it’s about my writing of the above piece.

      I’ve been desperately wanting to write the last week but could make no time. However I feel the wait has consolidated my thoughts. A few rushed word sketches from this time may or may not get completed, such is the way of my writing.

      Your hugs are most welcome.


      • I’ll head over to your blog right away – I too am finding that as I get in the habit of writing it forms an important part of my day and that if I don’t get a chance to do it I feel kind of itchy!

        Writing is probably an incredibly helpful way of helping you to manage the current situation x


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