How it came to be.

[This is a companion piece, a prelude, or perhaps a prequel, to last night’s “My feeling”.]

While attempting to clear my head
As reclining for the night in bed
Reading words guides my attitude
Seeking thoughts full of gratitude
Find emotion full of question instead.

New words swirl around in my brain
Joining up forming rhyming refrain
Choose to write from my head
Else no sleep in my bed
So a poem is birthed once again.


7 thoughts on “How it came to be.

      • You can tell – I often imagine that I can tell how the poet was feeling at the time of writing when I read their words as they feel like window to the soul. But I wonder how often I’m wrong?

        I wonder if the true talent lies in perfectly expressing our thoughts and feelings or in being able to project the feelings of someone else when they are alien to our own at that time? Perhaps both…


        • Interesting hypotheses!

          I think the words are indeed a window to the soul. Some times though I can sense something powerful but am not in tune with it enough to understand. But maybe that stems from the writer.

          I really like your suggestion of true talent. I think that is what makes a great song, or an inspiring speech, as well as a writer. Or even music without words, that is more to my heart.
          Communicating feelings, that’s what it’s all about. Sharing and gaining understanding, that would be a great achievement too!


    • Thankyou Owly. A magic mirror to the thoughts!

      This is my observational skills in play. I have no idea whether anyone else watches themselves like that. Do you?

      I was pleasantly surprised that it came out in rhyme.


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