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How to write.

[The inspiration for this poem came during a discussion with PookyH. It was nearly derailed by low health, but I fought for it to survive. It has taken some editing to reach this state and is not my usual stream of consciousness narrative. Also, It didn’t turn out how I first envisaged when the initial seed was planted, but do they ever?]


Words, are flowing
Out onto the page
From my head
Like a water tap
Flooding the stage

Of my life.

Plug the leak
Control them
Try to make sense of them
Seeps between my fingers
Can’t get a hold of them.

Stamp my angry wet hands
Onto the paper
See what sticks
Left behind
Some indicator.

Words, from the water
Salty tears and flood
As it all dries
Before my eyes
They become understood.

Onto page, now less rage
from torrents that did flow
as tides recede
just what I need
Is left there now on show.


Words, they are floating
all around sometimes
catch them
and snatch them
place them into lines

Unscramble complex sentences
Simplicity is key
ordered or messy
simple or heavy
just share them, set them free.


11 thoughts on “How to write.

  1. Pooky can be a very good source of inspiration. Maybe we should make her an honorary muse. 😉 This poem may not have turned out the way you thought it would, but the visual imagery of words pouring out from a tap or floating all around us is fantastic. I especially loved the line “see what sticks”. Excellent poem. 🙂


    • Thankyou once again for the encouragement Cubby.
      It seems my efforts and perseverance were worthwhile after all. I wasn’t 100% happy with this, but I am learning that there is not always perfection in writing.


  2. Oh how wonderful these words are – I’m so glad you persevered. I’m not sure what you envisaged but this really spoke volumes to me, the last line especially.

    And thank you for citing me as a source of inspiration for such beautiful words. I feel very honoured indeed x

    (and thank you cubby, I quite like the idea of being an honorary muse, I assume the job comes with a great hat?)

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    • Well thank you Pooky. And that last line was especially for you!
      As soon as you mentioned the hat, my first thought was a grey felt fedora with a “press” tag visible, and then for some reason I envisaged the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter. Your choice I guess!


        • Goog morning and good evening Pooky! Purple fedora it is then, with a hint of sparkle?
          Writing this poem, my flow stopped before the epilogue was written. But I could feel the words that still needed to flow out, so I retuned my mental focus using the epilogue label and, well, you have seen the result.


        • Purple with sparkle – it’s like you’ve known me forever and yet we’ve only just met…

          Do you think the epilogue label helped you to focus? I tend to write very fast but occasionally I suddenly know what a couple of lines later on need to be so I have to jot them down to come back to. It’s a funny process isn’t it?

          It’s fabulous that you were able to regain your focus to finish this off – it sounds like that was probably quite a gargantuan effort. I hope you are pleased with the result. I think it’s rather wonderful.


        • 🙂 I think that while I was struggling with the writing, where to go, what to do, quit or rewrite – the epilogue idea came to me and gave me a new focus point when I felt lost – I half wrote it then before finishing the main body. So there was some changing of what part I was writing, just as you mention. Usually I just focus on getting down where my brain is going, and look at it afterwards if it needs tidying.

          You may notice a lot of my writing is just stream of consciousness expression, usually distilled into as few words as possible. Small maybe, but usually quite potent !

          I think my initial unease with this piece was an unmet expectation disappointment. But now that I FBed an illustrated version and spend more time with it, the happier I am with it.

          And, as always, Thankyou for your kind words. Appreciated, particularly at the moment.


        • Oooh – I want to see the illustrated version – do you draw too??? Please don’t tell me your sickeningly multi-talented or the small jealous part of me may get active 😉

          It’s really interesting to hear the thought process behind this one. I’m glad t hear you like it more now. I just re-read it and I still love it.

          Do you ever find that the poems you write that you like to start with get stale quickly whereas the ones you were less sure of sometimes grow on you and become the ones you’re ultimately more proud of (or maybe that’s just me!)


        • I will find how best to link you to the image. It’s nothing fancy, just computer manipulated image with text overlaid. I may be a musician and a fledgling writer but my visual art skills are basic 😉 I am a building designer and much prefer working with straight lines.

          I’m glad you got something out of my process descriptions. It’s very interesting to learn and review and understand.

          I definitely find differences in how I go writing different pieces. Many poems start off as 1 or 3 lines and never go anywhere – discarded. Others grow in so many different ways, as I am now finding! When I’m most proud of a poem it would be because I feel it has captured/expressed exactly what I was feeling in a special/powerful (to me) way.


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