The Funeral

[Reflections on my Uncle’s funeral today. The weather was suitably somber: wet, windy, cold.]

Like breakfast eggshells
Time is fleeting
Life is fragile

Brave faces
Emotions at the surface

Gifts of affection
True strength

Kind words

Past & present collide
Energy flows
We are not alone


14 thoughts on “The Funeral

  1. This is really powerful – I love the first line especially. The funeral I wrote about this week was on what felt like a summer’s day despite the fact it is October. That added a strange dynamic to the funeral. In my mind, weddings are sunny days and funerals are bleak days but I’m sure it’s just my memory that makes it so.

    So sorry for your loss. x


    • Thanks for your kind thoughts and feedback. It’s exciting that others are touched differently by an arrangement of words which, for me, have a unique meaning as they tumble from my head. (Hmmm there’s a poem germinating now…)
      This day was my first funeral for about 25 years. While it was surprisingly emotionally draining, it wasn’t a sad day as I wasn’t that close to my uncle – I don’t feel close to many people.


      • Grrr.. I wrote you a comment and lost it.

        I think you should write the poem that’s brewing.. it’s going to be a good one, I can feel it in my waters!

        I’m glad that the day wasn’t too sad, but I’m sad that you don’t feel close to people. That sounds like a sentiment borne of heartache?


        • Closeness/heartache – Perhaps you are correct. That is a fresh realisation that came up, so I haven’t felt what it all means yet. Something to think on and talk about later.
          For now, the sun is up and the day calls for participation…


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