A Sort Of Death.

What’s up, she said
Dunno, he said
Just laugh, she said
Fuck off, he said
You’re cruel, she said
You’re mean, he said
‘Fraid not, she said
You’re hot, he said

And back and forth the conversation goes
With both sides standing their ground
They wonder if they will becomes foes
Or a friendship that will stay sound

He wants to explain about all the pain
That comes and goes through his head
But no understanding becomes such a drain
That he shuts down and shuts up instead

“Oh, how I wish…” and “If only she…”
Are frequently upon his thoughts
But expecting a change in someone can be
Leading too death of a sorts


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Last Minute Dash.

All is gone
The space is bare
Wrote so much
But nothing is there
Much creativity
So little time
To force out a poem
And make it to rhyme
Last chance then
So tired now
Headache blocking
Words somehow
Desperate dash
For midnight deadline
Will have to be this
Rough poem of mine

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Shuffle Duet.

[An experiment. The NaPoWriMo prompt last Wednesday was to use 5 consecutive song titles of a random playlist within a poem. I have taken that further and composed this poem of 42 consecutive random song titles from my ipod. Grouped them together two to a line and added a single additional word within each couple grouping line to form this poem. Let me know if you see a familiar song title in there, or if you just think it is meaningless drivel.]


Una noche forever king of the road
Sang om shanti om piva
Watching fireflies 23 talkshow
Hearing aid distorted flute interlude
While under the influence of love viva
Boo is booming on red Lemonade
Take it all away from beanni
Radioactivity changed ruby blue
9999999 yo mama
Owner of a lonely heart do ya ever
Vals del sur my poor boy
Whether letter / not a letter did it again
Tourdion creates hydrogen
More more more until the one thing I know
Wore maddening shroud arkanoid
Camel kicked big science
Into the first twilight still life
Youth culture killed my dog said memo to human resources
300 MPH torrential outpoor blues always put your hands up
Forever ages endless endless
Tomorrow dreaming peace and quiet


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De-Scribe Love.

love -
write about love
but how can you describe
what you no longer feel?

that space in you deep as an ocean
skirting the edges of emotion
hinting at, but never discovered
no feeling uncovered

some time required to rebuild
will you never, ever be fulfilled
just a touch of connection, knowing
completing, saviour bestowing

all there was, is pain
some thought patterns could retrain
drawn to others who share feeling
now less concealing


[this is Mr.Poppy asleep on the floor tonight, one of two house rabbits, who tired themselves out today extending their tunnel under the garden. they are very easy to love, even though one is shy for attention while this one can never get enough.]

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Need A Break.

Solace desired
Time out
Recovery space
Thoughtful clarity

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Pressure Squeeze.

I know this one too familiarly.
The urge to hide,
so strong,
Need to achieve,
in myself to believe,
nothing else will relieve,
this feeling of pressure
squeezing out of this
contracting bubble
and making something happen,
Will fighting against will.

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Your Dreams are Right Now.


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one of
has ever
commented on
my writing
has made
a difference
for me
A positive
by little
has been
dragging me
out of
the dark
into a
illuminated space
I am
once again
who I am
what living is
right now
that maybe

20140410-123922.jpg[manipulated photo by me.]

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Trust in Myself. (a golden shovel)

I was always very trusting
Considering that
Others betrayed my trust
Or didn’t care it exists
So the thing is
Learning to trust oneself was a
Difficult journey, but it must
Be undertaken for
The whole self, in relationship
To be free of past bonds
And open up to
Positive actions that last,
That create meaning and
Solidity, will benefit you and not
Allow the protection to rust.


[ This is a golden shovel poem, as suggested by NaPoWriMo.net at their day five prompt for writing a poem a day in April. I'm using the prompts as inspiration when needed, but also just writing my own thing. Anyway, in case you don't know how it works, this type of poem is based on an original poem which can be found by reading the last word of each line. So contained within this new piece is my original poem "Trust". I found writing this quite complex due to the nature of the original words I was working with, but research and inspiration brought me to this place so I worked through it. Do let me know what you think about both poems and their inter-relationship. ]


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I’ve been learning the language of how I feel
Becoming confident my descriptions are real
Expressed through my writing and poetry
Are clear understanding – this aspect of me

We could all learn more of the language of love
Most people know little, unaware the rest of
it has so many nuances, we all could be
Better communicators, with practice, naturally

I’m brushing up concepts in the language of sex
So many facets to intimacy, it’s rather complex
Yet knowing what words describe our desires
Builds partner comprehension for passionate fires

There is language specific to so many events
When we speak different dialects confusion presents
A problematic occasion for hurt and friction
So when you next talk be sure of your diction.


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