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What do we have?
There is a ring on your finger
Twenty years of history have flowed through it
That hand still holds mine
Still searches for me

What do we have?
Decades of collected inside jokes
Still causing the silliest laughter
Betraying our wrinkles
With smiles too big for our faces

What do we have?
Music that soothes the soul
Many styles, many cultures,
Mostly classical and pop
Turning up the radio, we both listen

What do we have?
Tears that flow naturally, unashamed
Through the happy times and saddest of sad
Always finding a place to land
Comfortable in the palms of our hands

What do we have?
Love in your face, in your touch
Hearts that care when the going gets…

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I like to think
I’m kissable
That with me honestly,
there’s no bull

But who finds openness
somehow in vogue
It seems the women like
more of a rogue

I guess romance novels
promote strange ideals
Those sort of men
are just mostly unreal

But I am who i am
I care deeply and love
Share my passion and we
just might fit like a glove


Life is a Battlefield.

Today is a big battlefield
Mid morning still
and fighting my way
to function
to move
to manage some office work

The physical and mental
versus me
Constant battling

I work so hard
to get to my desk
to think
to draw some lines
Challenging myself
to achieve
just a little bit more
than I thought capable
just minutes ago

I reach out in my pain
and struggle
And even though they aren’t here
encouragement is sent back
gentle support
pride, in me
And humbled
I choose to shut out
the loud negative inner voice
wanting to curl up and sleep

The lone soldier
perhaps winning the war
Labelled a hero by others
Just doing what needs to be done
in the moment
caring little for himself
just for the job that he has been given
The job of surviving

Missing Human Connection.

I use the word loneliness
as a simple descriptor
for some feelings
But really it’s more of a
from everyone around me -
Missing the relatedness
of human networks
where having a place
and an understanding of that all
brings closeness.
And there comes my sadness
when the person nearest me
does not connect
in the ways I do
My most frequent contact
is dry and unengaging.
I simply miss humanness
and it’s intertwining links
Struggling from
this lonely place of fear.

(15 August 2014)